What is Exploit? What Does It Do? :: Hack Blog

What is Exploit? What Does It Do? :: Hack Blog

Exploit exploit the vulnerability of a system, use it.... or they are software and tools created and used to attract information.For example, these are programs created to log in to the system without permission, create an authorized user, and disable the system.It is a must of Hacking and Security areas, especially "C, PERL, PYTHON, RUBY, PHP...." it is written in software languages such as.


  • Remote Exploit : The remote word means remote, that is, we call the system a Remote Exploit for exploiting operations from a device to remote systems (they interact with the system over a digital network such as a local network or the Internet.)
  • Local Exploit : Used to raise Rank, Rights in the system in general.
  • Client Side Exploit : They interact with systems over the network they must be triggered by the client or users in order to be used these exploits are generally triggered by social engineering.
  • 0 (Zero) Day Exploit : Are quite dangerous tools exploits that are written at the moment when there is a vulnerability in the system, the open spreads quickly and is used, so it can cause great damage


  • Information Collection : (first of all, the process of collecting information takes place. For this, tools such as shodan, Google, whois, nslookup, magazine, website are used.)
  • Scanning : (tools such as nmap, sslscan, nessus are used.)
  • Providing Access : (using tools such as metploit, arpspoof, ssh, dnstunnel, and so on.)
  • Maintaining Access : (tools such as ssh, netcat are used.)
  • To Keep the Attack Private : (ssh, dnstunnel and similar tools are used.)
Dear HackerHub followers in short, Exploit is a computer program, or a script is used for weaknesses or errors found in computer programs​.


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