Imunify360 (CloudLinux) WAF Bypass

Imunify360 (CloudLinux) WAF Bypass 

I will show you how to bypass the Imunify360 WAF, a commonly used security measure to prevent data withdrawal from sqlmap, in its simplest form.

If different protections are available, such as Cloudflare, it may not work on the target site. Over the real IP address " -u list=top" will allow you to bypass CloudFlare protection.

If you don't have any knowledge about using sqlmap, you can get detailed information from this topic.

Imunify360 Bypass Commands -v 2 -o --level 5 --threads 10 --risk 3 --random-agent --drop-set-cookie --tamper xforwardedfor,varnish,randomcase,multiplespaces -r game.txt


 A lot of these commands will help you get hold of the sql information of the Imunify360 protected site.


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