Instagram Account Closure - 90% Will Work

Instagram Account Closure - 90% Will Work

Hello dear HackerHub followers, I will tell you in the simplest form how you can close any instagram account at our special hacker blog address.

  1. We are entering our form.
  2. Form:
  3.  "Do you have an Instagram account?" we say "No" to the part that says ".
  4.  Because we will attack the posts; "Where is the violation you are complaining about?" when he writes, we say, "Photo or Video".
  5. * "How does he violate our rules?" It reads. If it is there, we choose "Do not harm yourself".
  6. * Then we fill in the necessary portions. (The name of the account we are complaining about, etc.)
You will be presented with a description section, fill it out as we gave you below.


Hello Instagram team; This profile is artificially creating likes, followers, collecting shares, re-sharing the same content, and communicating with people for commercial purposes without their consent.He demonstrates all convincing threats and self-destructive behavior aimed at harming others.It is aimed at individuals. Hate speech discriminates against people because of their race, national origin, religion, gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation, disability and diseases.It shares content that contains censored extreme violence, including images of sadistic violence against people and animals, and depictions of sexual assault.I think that this behavior is contrary to the rules of Instagram, and I submit to your request and information that this account be removed from Instagram.

 After following these steps, the last steps you need to do are the following.

  1. Take as much as you can from this forum.
  2. You are eating obstacle after obstacle somewhere. Wait 5 minutes and then discard it again.
  3. Now log in to the application. Print "Hate speech or symbols" on stories and posts.
  4. Last but not least, press "Commit suicide or harm" from 4 of your accounts. You can throw this in the st side If there is no post, make them stories from 4 accounts at all or press the account if there is no st side


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